Gelmania Refill Kit

Do it yourself Gelmania Refill Kit

Instructions for re-filling your Gelmania Candle

Click here to download our refill instructions.

Use at your own risk.  We take no responsibility for any damage or injury cause due to careless handling of our product. Candles must be cool to touch to begin your refill.

  1. Clean your candle. Lysol wipes may be used to clean glass part of your candle. Please do not use water. 

  2.  Inspect your candle to ensure that the candle and votive are not damaged or cracked. If damaged, please discontinue using.

  3. Scoop balance gel from the bottom of the middle votive (not from the sides of the candle). Wipe votive clean and dry.

  4. With a blunt flat tool tip or butter knife, pry the old wick pin out.

  5. Peel sticker from new wick and stick the new wick in the middle of the votive.

  6. Remove plastic lid from container.

  7. Place gel container on a baking sheet and put it in oven at a baking temp of 220ºF (104º C) or until gel is melted and is runny.  (Due to varying oven temps, melting time will vary 30-45 minutes +).  DO NOT increase oven temps more than recommended temperature.

  8. Handle HOT container with caution by using oven mitts.

  9. Using caution, immediately pour the melted gel in your prepped candle.

  10. Allow to cool then trim wick.

  11. Follow usual instructions to burn, maintain and enjoy your refilled candle!